How does it work?


1. Choose between $1200 up front or two payments of $650 on a payment plan

2. It is your responsibility to gather all written content, page titles, copy and logos. If you have images please We Transfer those too. If you have favourite Wix sites or styles you like please let me know at this point!

3. Work will commence once all the content has been handed over and will be delivered in 1 week.

4. You'll get one round of changes, which will be delivered within 1 working day of your feedback.

5. The second payment is now due

6. You make a Wix account for yourself (or your client) and I transfer the domain across to you. At this point you can either upgrade to a Wix Plan (around $20 a month) to get rid of the logo and custom URL or just leave it as is. 


7. The site is now yours! You can easily update images by clicking on the image and replacing it or update copy by clicking on the copy and replacing it. 



Enjoy your new site!

Payment in full

Payment plan