For the last seven years, I’ve been running The Design Kids – a global resource and community helping design students bridge the gap between studying and working. I’ve personally set foot in over 500 of the best Graphic Design studios, across Australia, NZ, USA and Canada and interviewed the worlds best designers, to understand the design landscape and better help the students succeed.


However, whilst doing all this, I noticed it wasn’t just students needing help. When you run your own company, its hard to see it from an outsiders perspective – especially what a future client would think. As a studio, is your shit rock solid? Your work, your client list, your folio, your photography, your socials, your staff and your goals – do they all align and what could you do better?


Armed with a ton of enthusiasm, a bunch of ideas and a complete understanding of the design industry, I’m now offering a one-on-one bespoke consulting for design studios, designers and agencies too.

Students from $39


TDK is the world’s largest and best network for young graphic designers. We’ve been bridging the gap between students and professionals in the Graphic Design industry for over seven years and a lot of people say we’re kinda good at it. After offering a one-on-one service, and noticing distinct patterns, I launched my first online course to take each student from zero to hero, clueless to employed, in 12 lessons for $39. Covering: Assessing your options for design roles, your own skill set, resume content and what you need to achieve to get there, researching and aligning yourself. What you can be doing now to boost your folio, documenting connections, making new ones, building your online presence. Job hunting, tips, interview help, how to approach designers and studios, resume design, styling, photography and what to do next, dream jobs. Hoorah!


Studios from $899


**15 spots only** A focus on: unified digital presence (across work, website, socials, studio initiatives, side projects etc, strong social media strategy (looking at ways to get more quality clients in the area you want to head) and industry respect (you are known in the industry as an expert in X, even in other countries, Working towards the type of work and clients you dream of and how to get them, What your company looks like client facing and industry facing.


Initial 2-3 hour in-depth session over Skype, with as many of your team present as you like; $895


Option to continue with the coaching on a monthly retainer, 1-2 hours per month check in with minimum commitment of 3 months; $500